“Creativity is intelligence having fun”


Lost Society Media & Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Orlando, FL. While we focus on the hyper local market, we have clients from all over the world. With a team of accomplished designers, developers, and SEO specialists, Lost Society is able to create unique and successful marketing campaigns for each client


Tyler Washington, senior marketing strategist

CEO of Lost Society Media & Marketing, Tyler Washington, has been helping clients grow their businesses through digital marketing for 7 years. While traveling the world, he was able to create connections with business owners from places like Bali and Thailand. Through his immersion in different cultures, Tyler has found his passion of helping businesses successfully develop and market their own unique brand.

Alyssa Calderon, Creative director

Alyssa is a creative director, specializing in graphic designer and content creation, who loves helping businesses and individuals alike develop their own unique brand identity. Through the combination of design, business principles, and a love for helping others, she has a successful track record of helping comapnies thrive through digital marketing and social media strategies.

Ana Solis, Digital Communications Manager

With over 15 years of Customer Service experience, Ana is very skilled in the world of digital operations. She oversees the internal, day-to-day functions of the agency, making her the strong backbone of our company. With her level of expertise, Ana is a strong asset in managing our digital platforms to create a systematic work flow, and ensure the accuracy and organization of Lost Society. Ana is a creative mind and keeps our brand’s content fresh and relevant.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 8AM–7PM

Tuesday: 8AM–7PM

Wednesday: 8AM–7PM

Thursday: 8AM–7PM

Friday: 8AM–7PM

Saturday: 8AM–7PM

Sunday: 8AM–3PM